List of All Localities/Villages in HASANPARTHY

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ananthasagar ANANTHASAGAR B.O 506371
Ananthasagar HASANPARTHY S.O 506371
Arvapalle AREPALLI B.O 506006
Arvapalle HASANPARTHY S.O 506371
Arvapalli SIDDAPUR B.O 506006
Bhairavanipalli HASANPARTHY S.O 506371
Bhairavanipalli SIDDAPUR B.O 506006
Bhimaram (Rural) K C COLONY S.O 506015
Bhimaram (Rural) BHEEMARAM B.O 506015
Chinthagattu K C COLONY S.O 506015
Chinthagattu CHINTAGATTU B.O 506015
Devannapet DEVANNAPET B.O 506370
Govindapalli MALLAREDDIPALLI B.O 506006
Hasanparthy HASANPARTHY S.O 506371
Jaigiri HASANPARTHY S.O 506371
Jaigiri JAYAGIRI B.O 506371
K C Colony K C COLONY S.O 506015
Laknavaram (D) JAYAGIRI B.O 506371
Madipalle MADIPALLI B.O 506371
Madipalle HASANPARTHY S.O 506371
Mallareddipalle MALLAREDDIPALLI B.O 506006
Mutcherla MUCHERLA B.O 506015
Mutcherla K C COLONY S.O 506015
Nagaram HASANPARTHY S.O 506371
Nagaram NAGARAM B.O 506371
Pegadapalle K C COLONY S.O 506015
Pegadapalle PEGADAPALLI B.O 506015
Pembarthy HASANPARTHY S.O 506371
Pembarthy PEMBARTHY B.O 506371
Seethampet SEETHAMPET B.O 506371
Siddhapoor SIDDAPUR B.O 506006
Sudanpalle MALLAREDDIPALLI B.O 506006
Vangapahad VANGAPAHAD B.O 506006
Yellapur YELLAPUR B.O 506371
Yellapur HASANPARTHY S.O 506371

We have pincode or post office details available for 35 localities of HASANPARTHY taluka / tehsil in our database.