List of All Localities/Villages in GOVINDARAOPET

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Bussapur BUSSAPUR B.O 506344
Chalwai CHALVAI B.O 506344
Dammakkapalle CHALVAI B.O 506344
Dumpaligudem DUMPALIGUDEM B.O 506344
Govindaraopet GOVINDARAOPET S.O 506344
Kannaigudem KANNAIGUDEM B.O 506352
Karlapalle KARLAPALLI B.O 506347
Laknavaram LAKNAVARAM B.O 506347
Machchapur MACHAPUR B.O 506344
Medaram (Patti Chelva) CHALVAI B.O 506344
Motlagudem PASRA S.O 506347
Muthapur GOVINDARAOPET S.O 506344
Narsapur Bore NARSAPUR(BORE) B.O 506344
Pasranagaram PASRA S.O 506347
Pasranagaram RAMPUR B.O 506347
Rampur TADVAI B.O 506344
Rangapur RAGHAVAPATNAM B.O 506344
Venkatapur VENKATAPUR B.O 506352

We have pincode or post office details available for 19 localities of GOVINDARAOPET taluka / tehsil in our database.