List of All Localities/Villages in GOOTY

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Abbedoddi MAMADUR B.O 515405
Aniganidoddi PEDODDI B.O 515401
Basinepalle BASINEPALLI B.O 515402
Basinepalli thanda BASINEPALLI B.O 515402
Basupalli KARIDIKONDA B.O 515402
Bethapalle BETHAPALLI B.O 515402
Brahmanapalle BRAHMANAPALLI B.O 515401
Dharmapuram BETHAPALLI B.O 515402
Engilibanda KOTHAPETA(GOOTY) B.O 515401
Erragudi BRAHMANAPALLI B.O 515401
Eswarapalle BRAHMANAPALLI B.O 515401
Gondipalli JAKKALACHERUVU B.O 515401
Gooty GOOTY S.O 515401
Gooty Bazaar GOOTY BAZAAR S.O 515401
Gooty R.s. GOOTY R.S. S.O 515402
Isurallapalli ISURALLAPALLI B.O 515401
Jakkalacheruvu JAKKALACHERUVU B.O 515401
Karidikonda KARIDIKONDA B.O 515402
Kojjepalle KOJJEPALLI B.O 515401
Kotha ubicerla KARIDIKONDA B.O 515402
Kothapalli THONDAPADU B.O 515401
Kothapeta KOTHAPETA(GOOTY) B.O 515401
Lachumpalli KOJJEPALLI B.O 515401
Mamadur MAMADUR B.O 515405
Mamillapalli KOTHAPETA(GOOTY) B.O 515401
Marnepalle RAJAPURAM B.O 515401
Nemata bad GOOTY S.O 515401
Pedda gajulapalli ISURALLAPALLI B.O 515401
Peddoddi PEDODDI B.O 515401
Pulakunta BRAHMANAPALLI B.O 515401
Rajapuram RAJAPURAM B.O 515401
Thondapadu THONDAPADU B.O 515401
Turakapalle GOOTY S.O 515401
Ubicherla KARIDIKONDA B.O 515402
Utakallu BETHAPALLI B.O 515402
Yengannapalli BETHAPALLI B.O 515402

We have pincode or post office details available for 36 localities of GOOTY taluka / tehsil in our database.