List of All Localities/Villages in GHANPUR (STATION)

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Chagal CHAGAL S.O 506301
Chilpur MALKAPUR S.O (WARANGAL) 506145
Chilpur CHILPUR B.O 506145
Chinnapendyal CHINNAPENDYAL B.O 506144
Chinnapendyal ABADIGHANPUR S.O 506144
Fathepur FATHEPUR B.O 506301
Fathepur CHAGAL S.O 506301
Ghanpur Station GHANPUR STATION S.O 506143
Gutta GUTTA B.O 506145
Ippagudem IPPAGUDA S.O 506252
Kondapur KONDAPUR B.O 506145
Kondapur MALKAPUR S.O (WARANGAL) 506145
Kothapalle KOTHAPALLI B.O 506301
Kothapalle CHAGAL S.O 506301
Krishnajigudem CHAGAL S.O 506301
Krishnajigudem KRISHNAJIGUDEM B.O 506301
Lingam Palle LINGAMPALLI B.O 506145
Malkapur MALKAPUR S.O (WARANGAL) 506145
Meedikonda CHAGAL S.O 506301
Meedikonda MEEDIKONDA B.O 506301
Namilligonda NEMILIGONDA B.O 506143
Namilligonda GHANPUR STATION S.O 506143
Nashkal NASKAL B.O 506144
Nashkal ABADIGHANPUR S.O 506144
Pallagutta PALLAGUTTA B.O 506144
Pallagutta ABADIGHANPUR S.O 506144
Pamnoor GHANPUR STATION S.O 506143
Pamnoor PAMNOOR B.O 506143
Raghavapur RAGHAVAPUR B.O 506301
Raghavapur CHAGAL S.O 506301
Rajawaram ABADIGHANPUR S.O 506144
Rajawaram RAJAVARAM B.O 506144
Samudrala SAMUDRALA B.O 506252
Shivunipalle SHIVUNIPALLI B.O 506143
Shivunipalle GHANPUR STATION S.O 506143
Sreepathipalle MALKAPUR S.O (WARANGAL) 506145
Sreepathipalle SREEPATHIPALLI B.O 506145
Tatikonda CHAGAL S.O 506301
Tatikonda TATIKONDA B.O 506301
Thanedarpalle TANEDARPALLI B.O 506143
Thanedarpalle GHANPUR STATION S.O 506143
Venkatadripeta VENKATADRIPET B.O 506145
Venkeswaraswamygutta VENKESWARASWAMYGUTTA B.O 506145
Vishwanathpur GHANPUR STATION S.O 506143
Vishwanathpur VISWANATHAPUR B.O 506143

We have pincode or post office details available for 46 localities of GHANPUR (STATION) taluka / tehsil in our database.