List of All Localities/Villages in GANNAVARAM

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ajjampudi AZZAMPUDI B.O 521101
Ajjampudi GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Allapuram GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Allapuram ALLAPURAM B.O 521101
Bacon Factory BACON FACTORY S.O 521102
Bahubalendrunigudem BAHUBALENDRUNIGUDEM B.O 521101
Bahubalendrunigudem GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Balliparru TEMPALLI B.O 521286
Buddavaram BUDHAVARAM B.O 521101
Buddavaram GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Buthumillipadu BUTHUMILLIPADU B.O 521101
Buthumillipadu GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Chikkavaram CHIKKAVARAM B.O 521101
Chikkavaram GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Gannavaram GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Gannavaram center GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Gollanapalle GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Gollanapalle GOLLANAPALLI B.O 521101
Gopavarapugudem GOPAVARAPUGUDEM B.O 521101
Gopavarapugudem GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Jakkulanekkalam ZAKKULANEKKALAM B.O 521102
Jakkulanekkalam BACON FACTORY S.O 521102
Kesarapalle KESARAPALLI B.O 521102
Kesarapalle BACON FACTORY S.O 521102
Kondapavuluru PURUSHOTHAPATNAM B.O 521101
Metlapalle VEERAPANENIGUDEM B.O 521286
Mustabad Krishna MUSTABAD S.O (KRISHNA) 521107
Purushottapatnam GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Purushottapatnam PURUSHOTHAPATNAM B.O 521101
Rajagopalapuram RAJAGOPALAPURAM B.O 521110
Ramachandrapuram SURAMPALLI B.O 521212
Roynagar GANNAVARAM S.O 521101
Roynagar ROYNAGAR B.O 521101
Sagguruamani SAGGURU B.O 521211
Savarigudem MUSTABAD S.O (KRISHNA) 521107
Savarigudem SAVARAGUDEM B.O 521107
Surampalle SURAMPALLI B.O 521212
Telaprolu GALIGOPURAM B.O 521109
Telaprolu AMBAPURAM B.O 521109
Tempalle TEMPALLI B.O 521286
Veerapanenigudem VEERAPANENIGUDEM B.O 521286

We have pincode or post office details available for 42 localities of GANNAVARAM taluka / tehsil in our database.