List of All Localities/Villages in GANAPAVARAM

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Agraharagopavaram A.GOPAVARAM B.O 534197
Appannapeta APPANNAPETA B.O 534186
Ardhavaram ARDHAVARAM B.O 534197
Cherukuganuma Agraharam CH.AGRAHARAM S.O 534196
Chinaramachandrapuram GANAPAVARAM S.O (WEST GODAVARI) 534198
Dasulakumudavalli MOYYERU B.O 534134
Ganapavaram West Godavari GANAPAVARAM S.O (WEST GODAVARI) 534198
Jagannadhapuram GANAPAVARAM S.O (WEST GODAVARI) 534198
Jallikakinada JALLIKAKINADA B.O 534186
Kasipadu KASIPADU B.O 534196
Kesavaram KESAVARAM B.O 534186
Komarru ATTILI S.O 534134
Kommara KOMMARA B.O 534196
Kothapalle KOTHAPALLI B.O 534198
Moyyeru ATTILI S.O 534134
Muggula MUGGALLA B.O 534197
Mupparthipadu MUPPARTHIPADU B.O 534134
Pippara PIPPARA S.O 534197
Saripalle SARIPALLI B.O 534198
Seethalamkonde Padu SEETHALM KONDEPADU B.O 534134
Vakapalle VAKAPALLI B.O 534196
Valluru VALLURU B.O 534197
Varadarajapuram VELAGAPALLI B.O 534198
Veereswarapuram VAKAPALLI B.O 534196
Velagapalle VELAGAPALLI B.O 534198
Venkatrajapuram VAKAPALLI B.O 534196

We have pincode or post office details available for 26 localities of GANAPAVARAM taluka / tehsil in our database.