List of All Localities/Villages in GAJWEL

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ahmadipur AHMEDPUR B.O 502278
Akkaram PREGNAPUR S.O 502311
Akkaram AKKARAM B.O 502311
Ananthraopalle PIDCHED B.O 502278
Bangla Venkatapur BANGLA VENKATAPUR B.O 502334
Bangla Venkatapur TOOPRAN S.O 502334
Bayyaram BAYYARAM B.O 502278
Bejgaon BEJGAON B.O 502278
Burugupalle TIPPARAM B.O 502301
Dacharam DACHARAM B.O 502278
Datarpalle REMANGUDA B.O 502312
Dharmareddipalle DHARMAREDDIPALLY B.O 502278
Dilalpur DILALPUR B.O 502278
Giripally JALIGAON B.O 502278
Gopalpur AHMEDPUR B.O 502278
Gujvail GUJVAIL S.O 502278
Gundanpally PREGNAPUR S.O 502311
Hasanmeerapally BAYYARAM B.O 502278
Jaligaon JALIGAON B.O 502278
Kodakondla KODAKANDLA S.O 502312
Kodande Raminpally PREGNAPUR S.O 502311
Kolgur KOLGUR B.O 502278
Komatibanda DHARMAREDDIPALLY B.O 502278
Konapur AKKARAM B.O 502311
Maqta Masanpalle BANGLA VENKATAPUR B.O 502334
Mutrajpalle MUTRAJPALLY B.O 502278
New Bayyaram BAYYARAM B.O 502278
Pedched PIDCHED B.O 502278
Pragnapur PREGNAPUR S.O 502311
Rimmanguda REMANGUDA B.O 502312
Rygatlapally PIDCHED B.O 502278
Sangupally MUTRAJPALLY B.O 502278
Shouripally DILALPUR B.O 502278
Singatam SINGAVATUM B.O 502278
Srigiripalle PREGNAPUR S.O 502311
Srigiripalle SIRIGIRIPALLY B.O 502311
Tenuguwada MUTRAJPALLY B.O 502278
Thimmakapally PREGNAPUR S.O 502311

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