List of All Localities/Villages in DOULATHABAD

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Allapur BALAMPET B.O 509336
Anthwar ANTHARAM B.O 509336
Balampeta BALAMPET B.O 509336
Bichal BICHAL B.O 509336
Bichal thanda BICHAL B.O 509336
Challapur CHALLAPUR B.O 509336
Chandrakal CHANDRAKALLU B.O 509336
Dasarigudem CHANDRAKALLU B.O 509336
Devarfaslawad DEVALFASLAWAR B.O 509336
Doultabad DOULTABAD B.O 509336
Erlapalle CHALLAPUR B.O 509336
Gokafasalwad GOKHAFASLAWAR B.O 509336
Gumdala DOULTABAD B.O 509336
Gundepalle BALAMPET B.O 509336
Imdapur KUDIRMALLA B.O 509350
Kowdeed NEETUR B.O 509350
Kudrimalla KUDIRMALLA B.O 509350
Kuppagiri CHANDRAKALLU B.O 509336
Matoor RAWULAPALLY S.O 509336
Nagasar MOGALMADKA B.O 509336
Nandaram NANDARAM B.O 509336
Narsapur NEETUR B.O 509350
Neetur NEETUR B.O 509350
Parsapur DEVALFASLAWAR B.O 509336
Polkampalle DEVALFASLAWAR B.O 509336
Sagaipally KUDIRMALLA B.O 509350
Saleempur CHALLAPUR B.O 509336
Sultanpur BALAMPET B.O 509336
Sunkarinagar CHALLAPUR B.O 509336
Suraipalle KUDIRMALLA B.O 509350
Thimmaipally BICHAL B.O 509336
Thimmareddipalle GOKHAFASLAWAR B.O 509336
Thirumalapur MOGALMADKA B.O 509336
Urakunta KUDIRMALLA B.O 509350
Yamki DESAI PALLY B.O 509336

We have pincode or post office details available for 35 localities of DOULATHABAD taluka / tehsil in our database.