List of All Localities/Villages in DOMA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ainapur AINAPUR B.O 501502
Ananthareddipalle DIRSAMPALLI B.O 501502
Bachpalle BOMPALLI S.O 501502
Badampalle BADAMPALLI B.O 501502
Batla Chandraram DIRSAMPALLI B.O 501502
Bompalle BOMPALLI S.O 501502
Brahmanpalle KISTAPUR B.O 501501
Budlapur KISTAPUR B.O 501501
Dadapur DADAPUR B.O 509339
Dirsampalle DIRSAMPALLI B.O 501502
Doma DOMA B.O 501502
Dongayankepalle MUJAHIDPUR B.O 501502
Dornalpalle BOMPALLI S.O 501502
Ganjipalle BADAMPALLI B.O 501502
Godganpally MOTHKUR B.O 509335
Gumdal CHELLAPUR B.O 509335
K. Nacharam MOTHKUR B.O 509335
Khammam Nacharam DOMA B.O 501502
Kishtapur KISTAPUR B.O 501501
Kondaipalle BADAMPALLI B.O 501502
Kothapally DADAPUR B.O 509339
Linganpalle DOMA B.O 501502
Mailaram MOTHKUR B.O 509335
Mallepalle AINAPUR B.O 501502
Mothkur MOTHKUR B.O 509335
Ootpalle WOOTPALLI B.O 501502
Palepalle AINAPUR B.O 501502
Pothreddypalle WOOTPALLI B.O 501502
Rakonda DOMA B.O 501502
Sivareddipalle SIVAREDDIPALLI B.O 501502
Timmaipalle WOOTPALLI B.O 501502

We have pincode or post office details available for 32 localities of DOMA taluka / tehsil in our database.