List of All Localities/Villages in DHARUR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Allapur DHARUR S.O 501121
Allipur DHARUR S.O 501121
Ampalle DORNAL B.O 501121
Antharam MOMINKALAN B.O 501121
Bacharam KARVELLI B.O 501121
Chiltampalle MUNNUR SOMARAM B.O 501102
Chintakunta HARIDASAPALLI B.O 501121
Dharmapur KUKONDA B.O 501121
Dharur DHARUR S.O 501121
Dornal DORNAL B.O 501121
Ebbanoor KARVELLI B.O 501121
Gangaram KUKONDA B.O 501121
Ghattepalle GHATEPALLI B.O 501121
Godamguda GODAMGUDA B.O 501102
Gurudotla DORNAL B.O 501121
Haridaspalle HARIDASAPALLI B.O 501121
Kacharam MUNNUR SOMARAM B.O 501102
Kerelly KARVELLI B.O 501121
Kondapur Kalan KUKONDA B.O 501121
Kondapur Khurd KARVELLI B.O 501121
Kukinda KUKONDA B.O 501121
Kummar Palle NAGAWARAM B.O 501121
Mailaram TARIGOPULA B.O 501121
Mominkalan MOMINKALAN B.O 501121
Mominkhurd MOMINKALAN B.O 501121
Nagaram NAGAWARAM B.O 501121
Nagasamundar NAGASAMUNDER B.O 501106
Nagsanpalle TARIGOPULA B.O 501121
Narsapur KUKONDA B.O 501121
Ousapalle KUKONDA B.O 501121
Rajapur MOMINKALAN B.O 501121
Rampur GHATEPALLI B.O 501121
Rudraram GHATEPALLI B.O 501121
Somaram MUNNUR SOMARAM B.O 501102
Surpanpalle GOTTIMUKKALA B.O 501102
Tharigopul TARIGOPULA B.O 501121
Zaidupalle JAIDUPALLI B.O 501102

We have pincode or post office details available for 37 localities of DHARUR taluka / tehsil in our database.