List of All Localities/Villages in DHARMASAGAR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Devunoor DEVNOOR B.O 506371
Dharmapur DHARMAPURAM B.O 506144
Dharmapur ABADIGHANPUR S.O 506144
Dharmasagar DHARMASAGAR B.O 506142
Elkurthi (P.D) MADIKONDA S.O 506142
Elkurthi (P.D) YELKURTHY B.O 506142
Gundlasagar MALLIKUDURLA B.O 506151
Janakipur JANAKIPURAM B.O 506151
Janakipur PEDDAPENDYAL S.O 506151
Kyathampalle PEDDAPENDYAL S.O 506151
Kyathampalle KYATHAMPALLI B.O 506151
Madikonda MADIKONDA S.O 506142
Malakpalle MULKALAGUDEM B.O 506003
Malakpalle MALAKPALLI B.O 506003
Mallikudurla MALLIKUDURLA B.O 506151
Mallikudurla PEDDAPENDYAL S.O 506151
Mupparam MUPPARAM B.O 506142
Mupparam MADIKONDA S.O 506142
Narayanagiri NARAYANAGIRI B.O 506142
Narayanagiri MADIKONDA S.O 506142
Peddapendyala PEDDAPENDYAL S.O 506151
Peechera PEESARA B.O 506145
Peechera MALKAPUR S.O (WARANGAL) 506145
Rampur PEDDAPENDYAL S.O 506151
Rampur RAMPUR B.O 506151
Saipet SAIPET B.O 506142
Shalapalli SHALAPALLI B.O 506142
Sodeshapalle PEDDAPENDYAL S.O 506151
Sodeshapalle SHODESHA PALLI B.O 506151
Somadevarapalle MADIPALLI B.O 506371
Tekulagudem TEKULAGUDEM B.O 506003
Thatikayala TATIKAYALA B.O 506151
Thatikayala PEDDAPENDYAL S.O 506151
Unikicherla UNIKICHERLA B.O 506370
Unikicherla WADDEPALLI S.O 506370
Velair MADIKONDA S.O 506142
Velair VELAIR B.O 506142

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