List of All Localities/Villages in CHOPPADANDI

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Arepalli KATNAPALLI B.O 505531
Arnakonda ARNAKONDA B.O 505415
Bhupalapatnam BHOOPALAPATNAM B.O 505415
Burugupalli CHAKUNTA B.O 505415
Chakunta CHAKUNTA B.O 505415
Chintapalli ARNAKONDA B.O 505415
Chityalpalle CHITYALAPALLI B.O 505415
Choppadandi CHOPPADANDI S.O 505415
Desaipet CHITYALAPALLI B.O 505415
Dubbaramulapalli ARNAKONDA B.O 505415
Edulapalli CHITYALAPALLI B.O 505415
Fakeerpet CHAKUNTA B.O 505415
Gumlapur GUMLAPUR B.O 505531
Gumlapur GUMLAPUR B.O 505531
Guntlapalli ARNAKONDA B.O 505415
Katnapalli KATNAPALLI B.O 505531
Katnepalle KATNAPALLI B.O 505531
Kistapalli GUMLAPUR B.O 505531
Kolimikunta KOLIMIKUNTA B.O 505415
Konerupalle KATNAPALLI B.O 505531
Laxmipur KATNAPALLI B.O 505531
Legalamarri LEGALAMARRI B.O 505416
Mangalapalli CHITYALAPALLI B.O 505415
Nagulapalli BHOOPALAPATNAM B.O 505415
Ragampeta RAGAMPET B.O 505415
Ramalingapur RUKMAPUR B.O 505415
Revelli REVELLI B.O 505415
Rukmapur RUKMAPUR B.O 505415
Sambaiahapalli KATNAPALLI B.O 505531
Vedurughattu VEDURGATTA B.O 505415

We have pincode or post office details available for 30 localities of CHOPPADANDI taluka / tehsil in our database.