List of All Localities/Villages in CHATRAI

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Arugolanupeta JANARDHANAVARAM B.O 521214
Burugugudem CHATRAI B.O 521214
Chanubanda TSANUBANDA S.O 521214
Chatrai CHATRAI B.O 521214
Cheepurugudem KOTAPADU B.O 521214
Chinnampet CHINNAMPET B.O 521214
Chinnampeta CHINNAMPET B.O 521214
Chittapur CHITTAPUR B.O 521213
Gourinagar POTHANAPALLI B.O 521214
Gudipadu GUDIPADU B.O 521214
Gudipadu GUDIPADU B.O 521214
Jagannadhapuram SOMAVARAM B.O 521213
Janardhanavaram JANARDHANAVARAM B.O 521214
Jayapuram JANARDHANAVARAM B.O 521214
Kasimpeta POTHANAPALLI B.O 521214
Kotapadu KOTAPADU B.O 521214
Kothagudem SOMAVARAM B.O 521213
Krishnaraopalem KRISHNARAOPALEM B.O 521214
Mangapeta KOTAPADU B.O 521214
Mangollu POTHANAPALLI B.O 521214
Marlapalem POLAVARAM B.O 521214
Marribandham KOTAPADU B.O 521214
Narasimharaopalem GUDIPADU B.O 521214
Parvathipuram CHINNAMPET B.O 521214
Pitlavarigudem GUDIPADU B.O 521214
Polavaram POLAVARAM B.O 521214
Pothanapalle POTHANAPALLI B.O 521214
Pothanapalli POTHANAPALLI B.O 521214
Somavaram SOMAVARAM B.O 521213
Surampalem TSANUBANDA S.O 521214
Tsanubanda TSANUBANDA S.O 521214
Tummagudem TUMMAGUDEM B.O 521213
Tummagudem Gudipadu TUMMAGUDEM B.O 521213

We have pincode or post office details available for 33 localities of CHATRAI taluka / tehsil in our database.