List of All Localities/Villages in CHANDEL SUB-DIV.

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Aihang CHANDEL S.O 795127
Anal Khullen CHAKPIKARONG S.O 795102
Anal Khullen CHANDEL S.O 795127
Angkhel Chayang CHANDEL S.O 795127
Beru Anthi CHANDEL S.O 795127
Beru Khudam CHANDEL S.O 795127
Beru Wangkhera CHANDEL S.O 795127
Challong DUTHANG B.O 795127
Challong CHANDEL S.O 795127
Chandel CHANDEL S.O 795127
Chandel Christian CHANDEL S.O 795127
Chandel Khulbul CHANDEL S.O 795127
Chandel Khullen CHANDEL S.O 795127
Chandrapoto THAMNAPOKPI B.O 795135
Chandrapoto PALLEL S.O 795135
Charang Ching Khunou LIWASARI B.O 795127
Charang Ching Khunou CHANDEL S.O 795127
Chothe Khunou PURUM PANTHA B.O 795103
Chrang Ching Khullen LIWASARI B.O 795127
Darku (Vomku) LARONG B.O 795127
Duthang CHANDEL S.O 795127
Duthang DUTHANG B.O 795127
Hanatham LIWASARI B.O 795127
Heibunglok LIWASARI B.O 795127
Hongbiban KALIKALOK B.O 795103
Julbalching JUL BANGCHING B.O 795101
Julbalching SUGNU S.O 795101
Kajiphung KALIKALOK B.O 795103
Kakching Mantak MANTAK B.O 795103
Kalika Lok KALIKALOK B.O 795103
Keithelmanbi PALLEL S.O 795135
Khambathel KHAMBATHEL B.O 795101
Khongjon LARONG B.O 795127
Khudei Khunou KHUDEI KHUNOU B.O 795103
Khuringmul KHUDEI KHUNOU B.O 795135
Komlathabi LIWACHANGNING B.O 795135
Kongpe (Kongpa) THAMNAPOKPI B.O 795135
Kurnoching LEINGANGCHING B.O 795103
L.Thankam T-MINOU B.O 795131
Lambung T-MINOU B.O 795131
Lamkang Khunkha LAMKANG KHUNOU B.O 795135
Lamkang Khunou LAMKANG KHUNOU B.O 795135
Lamkang Khunou PALLEL S.O 795135
Lamkang Khunthak LAMKANG KHUNOU B.O 795135
Lamphou Chru T-MINOU B.O 795131
Lamphou Pasana T-MINOU B.O 795131
Larong Khullen CHANDEL S.O 795127
Larong Khullen LARONG B.O 795127
Leingang Ching LEINGANGCHING B.O 795103
Leipung Tampak THAMNAPOKPI B.O 795135
Leishokching THAMNAPOKPI B.O 795135
Libung DUTHANG B.O 795127
Litan KHUDEI KHUNOU B.O 795103
Liwa Changning LIWACHANGNING B.O 795135
Liwa Changning PALLEL S.O 795135
Liwa Khullen LIWASARI B.O 795127
Liwa Maring LIWASARI B.O 795127
Liwa Sarei CHANDEL S.O 795127
Liwa Sarei LIWASARI B.O 795127
Maha Centre Bazar (East) T-MINOU B.O 795131
Maha Centre Bazar(West) T-MINOU B.O 795131
Mahau Tera SUGNU S.O 795101
Mahau Tera MAHOU TERA B.O 795101
Mantri Pantha LARONG B.O 795127
Maribung CHANDEL S.O 795127
Mittong CHANDEL S.O 795127
Mittong MITTONG B.O 795127
Modi CHANDEL S.O 795127
Monsang Pantha LARONG B.O 795127
New Chayang THAMNAPOKPI B.O 795135
New Wangparal LIWASARI B.O 795127
Ngamkhu CHANDEL S.O 795127
Nungkang Ching CHANDEL S.O 795127
Nungphura CHANDEL S.O 795127
Oklu CHANDEL S.O 795127
Old Wangparal LAMKANG KHUNOU B.O 795135
Panchai CHANDEL S.O 795127
Paraolen DUTHANG B.O 795127
Pena Ching THAMNAPOKPI B.O 795135
Phairan Khullen LARONG B.O 795127
Phiran Leihao ANAL KHULLEN B.O 795102
Phunansambum MANTAK B.O 795103
Purum Chumbang PURUM PANTHA B.O 795103
Purum Khullen PURUM PANTHA B.O 795103
Purum Lainingkhul PURUM PANTHA B.O 795103
Purum Pantha PURUM PANTHA B.O 795103
Purum Tampak PURUM PANTHA B.O 795103
T.Minou T-MINOU B.O 795131
Tarao Laimanai MITTONG B.O 795127
Thamnapokpi PALLEL S.O 795135
Thamnapokpi THAMNAPOKPI B.O 795135
Thamnapokpi (K) THAMNAPOKPI B.O 795135
Thingbongphai DUTHANG B.O 795127
Tokpa Ching TOKPACHING B.O 795103
Tonsen Khullen TOKPACHING B.O 795103
Tonsen Tampak TOKPACHING B.O 795103
Unapal CHANDEL S.O 795127
Unopat CHANDEL S.O 795127
Zaphou T-MINOU B.O 795131
Zointlang LIWASARI B.O 795127

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