List of All Localities/Villages in BRAHMASAMUDRAM

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ajjayadoddi CHELIMINAHALLI B.O 515767
Bhairasamudram BHYRASAMUDRAM B.O 515767
Bhymayakunta BHYRASAMUDRAM B.O 515767
Bhyravanithippa POLEPALLI B.O 515863
Boyaladoddi CHELIMINAHALLI B.O 515767
Brahma Samudram BRAHMA SAMUDRAM B.O 515767
Budimepalli BUDIMEPALLI B.O 515763
Chelimenahalli CHELIMINAHALLI B.O 515767
Eradikera KODIHALLI WEST B.O 515863
Gollaladoddi BUDIMEPALLI B.O 515763
Gonchireddypalli GONCHIREDDYPALLI B.O 515763
Gudipalli KANNEPALLI B.O 515763
Gundiganihalli GUNDIGANIPALLI B.O 515863
Julakunta Thanda BOMMAGANIPALLI S.O 515763
Kannepalle KANNEPALLI B.O 515763
Kapatalinganahalli POLEPALLI B.O 515863
Kodihalli West KODIHALLI WEST B.O 515863
Kurlakunta THEETAKALLU B.O 515763
Muddalapuram RAYALAPPADODDI B.O 515763
Muppalakunta MUPPALAKUNTA B.O 515763
Nagireddypalli BHYRASAMUDRAM B.O 515767
Nanajapuram BRAHMA SAMUDRAM B.O 515767
Nanjapuram BRAHMASAMUDRAM B.O 515871
Palavenkatapuram MAMADURU B.O 515767
Pillalapalle BOMMAGANIPALLI S.O 515763
Pillalapalli PILLALAPALLI B.O 515763
Pobbarlapadu KODIHALLI WEST B.O 515863
Polepalli POLEPALLI B.O 515863
Rayalappadoddi RAYALAPPADODDI B.O 515763
Rudakunta THEETAKALLU B.O 515763
Rudrampalli THEETAKALLU B.O 515763
Santhekondapuram MAMADURU B.O 515767
Theetakal THEETAKALLU B.O 515763
Vepalaparthy VEPALAPARTHY B.O 515863
Yenakanahal THEETAKALLU B.O 515763
Yerrakondapuram BRAHMASAMUDRAM B.O 515871
Yerrakondapuram BRAHMA SAMUDRAM B.O 515767

We have pincode or post office details available for 37 localities of BRAHMASAMUDRAM taluka / tehsil in our database.