List of All Localities/Villages in BOMRASPET

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Amsanpalle BOMRASPET B.O 509338
Amsanpally CHOWDARPALLI B.O 509350
Ananthapur ERUPMALLA B.O 509338
Bomraspet BOMRASPET B.O 509338
Burhanpur BURANPUR B.O 509338
Chilmalmailwar CHILMULMAILWAR B.O 509338
Chowdarpalle CHOWDARPALLI B.O 509350
Dudyal DUDIYAL B.O 509350
Dupcherla BURANPUR B.O 509338
Erlapalle GOURARAM B.O 509350
Erupumalla ERUPMALLA B.O 509338
Gouraram GOURARAM B.O 509350
Hakimpeta HAKEEMPET B.O 509350
Janakampally BOMRASPET B.O 509338
Kothur KOTHUR B.O 509338
Lagcherla LAKCHERLA B.O 509350
Lingampalle LINGAMPALLY B.O 509311
Machanpalle BOMRASPET B.O 509338
Madanpalle BURANPUR B.O 509338
Manthipur BOMRASPET B.O 509338
Metlakunta METLAKUNTA B.O 509338
Nagireddipalle KOTHUR B.O 509338
Namdarpur CHOWDARPALLI B.O 509350
Nazkhanpalle CHILMULMAILWAR B.O 509338
Pallegadda POLEPALLY B.O 509350
Polepalle POLEPALLY B.O 509350
Regadmailwar REGADMAILWAR B.O 509338
Salimdapur BURANPUR B.O 509338
Thirumalapur BOMRASPET B.O 509338
Thunkumetla TUNKIMETLA B.O 509338
Wadicherla WADCHERLA B.O 509338
Yenkepalle YENKIPALLI B.O 509338

We have pincode or post office details available for 32 localities of BOMRASPET taluka / tehsil in our database.