List of All Localities/Villages in BODHAN

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Achampalle (Rural) NARSAPUR B.O 503180
Amdapur AMDAPUR B.O 503180
Bhandarpalle MAVANDIKALAN B.O 503185
Bhavanipet SANGAM B.O 503185
Bhiknalli KANDAGAON B.O 503235
Bodhan (Rural) BODHAN S.O (NIZAMABAD) 503185
Bodhan Nizamabad BODHAN S.O (NIZAMABAD) 503185
Erajpalle ERASPALLI B.O 503180
Hangarga HANGARGA B.O 503235
Hunsa HANSA B.O 503185
Jadijamalpur JADIJAMALPUR B.O 503185
Kaldurthi KALDURKI B.O 503185
Khajapur KHAZIPUR B.O 503185
Khandgaon KANDAGAON B.O 503235
Komanpalle SALAMPAHAD B.O 503185
Kopperga AMBAM S.O 503235
Ladmavandi BODHAN S.O (NIZAMABAD) 503185
Lakmapur CHANDUR B.O 503206
Langadapur AMBAM S.O 503235
Machapur SANGAM B.O 503185
Mandharna MANDARNA B.O 503185
Mavandi (Kalan) MAVANDIKALAN B.O 503185
Mavandi (Khurd) MAVANDIKALAN B.O 503185
Minarpalle SANGAM B.O 503185
Mithapur ERASPALLI B.O 503180
Naganpalle RAITHUNAGAR B.O 503185
Nagora RAITHUNAGAR B.O 503185
Narsapur NARSAPUR B.O 503180
Ootpalle SHAKKARNAGAR S.O 503180
Pegadpalle PEGDAPALLI B.O 503235
Penta Kalan PENTAKALAN B.O 503235
Penta Khurd PENTAKURD B.O 503185
Raithunagar RAITHUNAGAR B.O 503185
Rakasipet RAKASIPET S.O 503185
Rampur KALDURKI B.O 503185
Salampad SALAMPAHAD B.O 503185
Saloora SALOORA B.O 503185
Sangam SANGAM B.O 503185
Shakkarnagar SHAKKARNAGAR S.O 503180
Siddapur KANDAGAON B.O 503235
Taggelli SALOORA B.O 503185

We have pincode or post office details available for 41 localities of BODHAN taluka / tehsil in our database.