List of All Localities/Villages in BIRKOOR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Ankole ANKOLE B.O 503301
Ankole Camp ANKOLE B.O 503301
Bairapur BARANGEDGI B.O 503321
Barangedgi BARANGEDGI B.O 503321
Baswaipalle DURKI B.O 503301
Birkur BIRKUR S.O 503321
Bommandevpalle BOMANDEVPALLI B.O 503301
Bopaspalli MAILARAM B.O 503301
Bopaspalli Thanda MAILARAM B.O 503301
Boppaspalle NASRULLABAD B.O 503321
Chincholi KISTAPUR B.O 503321
Chinna Annaram KISTAPUR B.O 503321
Chinna Damarancha DAMARANCHA B.O 503321
Doulatapur BOMANDEVPALLI B.O 503301
Durgampalle DURKI B.O 503301
Durki DURKI B.O 503301
Fakirnayak Thanda MAILARAM B.O 503301
Hajipur BOMANDEVPALLI B.O 503301
Kamshetpalle NASRULLABAD B.O 503321
Kamshetpalle NACHAPALLI B.O 503301
Kishtapur KISTAPUR B.O 503321
lingampalli MAILARAM B.O 503301
Mallapur BIRKUR S.O 503321
Mirzapur MIRZAPUR S.O (NIZAMABAD) 503301
Mylaram MAILARAM B.O 503301
Nachpalle NACHAPALLI B.O 503301
Nagapur DURKI B.O 503301
Namli NAMLI B.O 503301
Nasurullabad NASRULLABAD B.O 503321
Pedda Damarancha DAMARANCHA B.O 503321
Poshetpalle BOMANDEVPALLI B.O 503301
Rajwal Camp MAILARAM B.O 503301
Ramulagutta NACHAPALLI B.O 503301
Sambapur BARANGEDGI B.O 503321
sangam(C) ankole Thanda ANKOLE B.O 503301
Sultanpur DURKI B.O 503301
Timmanagar THIMMAPURAM B.O 503321
Timmapur THIMMAPURAM B.O 503321
Veerapur MIRZAPUR S.O (NIZAMABAD) 503301

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