List of All Localities/Villages in BHUPALPALLE

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Azamnagar BHUPALAPALLI S.O 506169
Azamnagar AZAMNAGAR B.O 506169
Bheemghanpur GOLLABUDHARAM B.O 506169
Bhupalapalli BHUPALAPALLI S.O 506169
Budharam GOLLABUDHARAM B.O 506169
Chiknepalle GOLLABUDHARAM B.O 506169
Deekshakunta GOLLABUDHARAM B.O 506169
Dudekulapalle GOLLABUDHARAM B.O 506169
Gorlavedu GORLAVAID B.O 506168
Gudadupalle JHENGAID B.O 506169
Jangedu JHENGAID B.O 506169
Jangedu BHUPALAPALLI S.O 506169
Kamalapur BHUPALAPALLI S.O 506169
Kamalapur ADAVIKAMALAPUR B.O 506169
Kompalle KOMPALLI B.O 506168
Kothapalle GOLLABUDHARAM B.O 506169
Kothapalle BHUPALAPALLI S.O 506169
Nagaram NAGARAM B.O 506169
Nagaram BHUPALAPALLI S.O 506169
Nandigama AZAMNAGAR B.O 506169
Nandigama BHUPALAPALLI S.O 506169
Neredpalle NEREDUPALLI B.O 506349
Neredpalle GORLAVAID B.O 506168
Pambapur PAMBAPUR B.O 506344
Pandipampula AZAMNAGAR B.O 506169
Rampur BHUPALAPALLI S.O 506169
Vajinepalle KOPPULA B.O 506319
Vajinepalle BHUPALAPALLI S.O 506169

We have pincode or post office details available for 29 localities of BHUPALPALLE taluka / tehsil in our database.