List of All Localities/Villages in BHOOTHPUR

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Amistapur AMISTAPUR B.O 509382
Ammapally MADDIGATLA B.O 509382
Amruthanda BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Annasagar ANNASAGAR B.O 509382
Batpally THIMMAJIPET S.O 509406
Bhutpur BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Botlagadda Tanda BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Chilkatavanipally THIMMAJIPET S.O 509406
Gopalapur (Khurd) BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Gopannapally POTHULMADUGU B.O 509382
Hasnapur POTHULMADUGU B.O 509382
Husnapur POTHULMADUGU B.O 509382
Ippalpalle GAJULAPET B.O 509382
Kappeta PATHAMOLGARA B.O 509382
Karvena STN. JADCHERLA H.O 509301
Karvena KARIVENA B.O 509302
Kothakappeta KOTHAMOLGARA B.O 509382
Kothamolgara KOTHAMOLGARA B.O 509382
Kothur TATIPARTHY B.O 509302
Maddigatla THIMMAJIPET S.O 509406
Mangaligadda BHUTPUR S.O 509382
meetya thanda BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Mustivanipally STN. JADCHERLA H.O 509301
Muthyalampally POTHULMADUGU B.O 509382
Nakkalabanda tanda BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Narsingapur BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Neghrunagar Colony BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Pathakappeta KOTHAMOLGARA B.O 509382
Pathamolgara PATHAMOLGARA B.O 509382
Pothugutta thanda POTHULMADUGU B.O 509382
Pothulamadugu POTHULMADUGU B.O 509382
Ravalpalle POLKAMPALLY B.O 509382
Sherpally BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Siddaipally AMISTAPUR B.O 509382
Tadikonda TATIKONDA B.O 509382
Tadparthy TATIPARTHY B.O 509302
valiyathanda BHUTPUR S.O 509382
Vasaram tanda AMISTAPUR B.O 509382
Yelkicharla THIMMAJIPET S.O 509406
Yelkicharla YELKICHERLA B.O 509406

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