List of All Localities/Villages in BALKONDA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Balkonda BALKONDA S.O 503217
Bodepalle BODEPALLI B.O 503217
Bussapur BUSSAPUR B.O 503218
Chakeriyal DOODGAON B.O 503219
Chittapur CHITTAPUR B.O 503217
Doodgaon DOODGAON B.O 503219
Ithwarpet JALAPUR B.O 503217
Jalalpur JALAPUR B.O 503217
Keshapur BALKONDA S.O 503217
Kisannagar KISSANNAGAR S.O 503218
Kodecherla SAVEL B.O 503219
Kojan Kothur BALKONDA S.O 503217
Kothapalle KOTHAPALLI B.O 503218
Mendora MENDORA B.O 503219
Mukpal MUPKAL B.O 503230
Mupkal MUPKAL B.O 503218
Nagampet NAGAMPET B.O 503218
Nagapur NAGAPURAM B.O 503308
Nagapur JALAPUR B.O 503217
Nallur NALLUR B.O 503218
Pochampadu LF POCHAMPADU LF B.O 503219
Ratnapur BALKONDA S.O 503217
Renjarla RANJARLA B.O 503218
Sangam BALKONDA S.O 503217
Savel SAVEL B.O 503219
Soanpet SOANPET B.O 503219
Velgatur VELGATUR B.O 503219
Vempalle VEMPALLI B.O 503218
Venchariyal VENCHERIAL B.O 503218

We have pincode or post office details available for 30 localities of BALKONDA taluka / tehsil in our database.