List of All Localities/Villages in BAGAFA

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Abhangachhara JOLAIBARI S.O 799141
Bagafa BAGAFA B.O 799144
Baikhora BAIKHORA B.O 799144
Betaga BETAGA B.O 799144
Birchandranagar GARJEE S.O 799125
Birendranagar JOLAIBARI S.O 799141
Chhaigharia LAXMICHERRA B.O 799144
Dakshin Barapathary BARPATHARI B.O 799155
Dakshin Hichachhara DAKSHIN HICHACHERRI B.O 799141
Dakshin Takmachhara GARJEE S.O 799125
Debdaru JOLAIBARI S.O 799141
Debdaru DEBDARU BAZAR B.O 799141
East Bagafa EAST BAGAFA B.O 799144
Gardang SANTIRBAZAR S.O 799144
Garjee GARJEE S.O 799125
Jolaibari JOLAIBARI S.O 799141
Kalabon KALABON B.O 799125
Kalalaogang SANTIRBAZAR S.O 799144
Kalasi KALASHI BAZAR B.O 799141
Kanchannagar KANCHANNAGAR B.O 799144
Kathalia KATHALIACHERRA B.O 799144
Kwaifung JOLAIBARI S.O 799141
Kwaifung KWAIFUNGA B.O 799141
Laogang LOWGANG B.O 799144
Laxmichhara LAXMICHERRA B.O 799144
Laxmichhara SANTIRBAZAR S.O 799144
Madhya Pillak JOLAIBARI S.O 799141
Madhya Pillak MADHYA PILLAK B.O 799141
Manpathar MANPATHER B.O 799144
Muhuripur R.F. MUHURIPUR S.O 799142
Paikhola PAIKHOLA B.O 799125
Paschim Charakbai CHARAKBAI B.O 799142
Paschim Manu LAXMICHERRA B.O 799144
Paschim Muhuripur MUHURIPUR S.O 799142
Paschim Patichhari PASCHIM PATICHERRI COLONY B.O 799125
Paschim Patichhari GARJEE S.O 799125
Paschim Pillak PASCHIM PILLAK B.O 799141
Paschim Pillak JOLAIBARI S.O 799141
Purba Charakbai MUHURIPUR S.O 799142
Purba Kathalia SANTIRBAZAR S.O 799144
Purba Manu PURBA MANU B.O 799144
Purba Muhuripur MUHURIPUR S.O 799142
Purba Patichhari LAXMICHERRA B.O 799144
Purba Pillak JOLAIBARI S.O 799141
Radhakishore Ganj RACHAKISHOREGANJ B.O 799144
Raibari SANTIRBAZAR S.O 799144
Rajapur RAJAPUR B.O 799125
Sakbari JOLAIBARI S.O 799141
Santirbazar SANTIRBAZAR S.O 799144
Santirbazar SANTIRBAZAR S.O 799144
Tainani TAINANI B.O 799125
Tairumachhara SANTIRBAZAR S.O 799144
Thakurchara THAKURCHERRA B.O 799141
Uttar Barapathary LAXMICHERRA B.O 799144
Uttar Debipur DEBIPUR B.O 799155
Uttar Hichachhara LAXMICHERRA B.O 799144
Uttar Takmachhara URRAT TAKMACHERRA B.O 799144
Uttar Takmachhara TAKMACHERRA B.O 799125

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