List of All Localities/Villages in AMARAVATHI

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Locality/Village Name Post Offices Name Pincode
Amaravathi AMARAVATHI S.O 522020
Attalur ATTALURU B.O 522436
Chavapadu ENDROY B.O 522016
Chavapadu LEMALLE S.O 522016
Dharanikota AMARAVATHI S.O 522020
Dharanikota DHARANIKOTA B.O 522020
Didugu AMARAVATHI S.O 522020
Didugu DIDUGU B.O 522020
Endroyi LEMALLE S.O 522016
Endroyi ENDROY B.O 522016
Enikapadu LEMALLE S.O 522016
Enikapadu NARUKULLAPADU B.O 522016
Jupudi JUPUDI B.O 522436
Karlapudi LEMALLE S.O 522016
Karlapudi KARLAPUDI B.O 522016
Lemalle LEMALLE S.O 522016
Lingapuram LINGAPURAM B.O 522436
Malladi AMARAVATHI S.O 522020
Malladi MALLADI B.O 522020
Munugodu MUNUGODU B.O 522402
Muthayapalem MUTHAYAPALEM B.O 522020
Muthayapalem AMARAVATHI S.O 522020
Narukullapadu LEMALLE S.O 522016
Narukullapadu NARUKULLAPADU B.O 522016
Nemalikallu LEMALLE S.O 522016
Nemalikallu NEVALIKALLU B.O 522016
Pedda Madduru AMARAVATHI S.O 522020
Pedda Madduru PEDAMADDURU B.O 522020
Pondugala JUPUDI B.O 522436
Unguturu LEMALLE S.O 522016
Unguturu VUNGUTURU B.O 522016
Vykuntapuram AMARAVATHI S.O 522020
Vykuntapuram VYKUNTAPURAM B.O 522020

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